Disk Order 3.2.5 - File Manager for Mac OS X
Disk Order Snapshot OS X Lion Compatible
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What's New In This Version

  • 10.9 Mavericks support
  • Select files with right mouse button
  • Open contextual menu with Option-key
  • Use masks to select/deselect files
  • Assign colors for different file types
  • Better color customization
  • Tabs reordering
  • New tabs design
  • Numbered lines in viewer and editor
  • Bug fixes

Disk Order. File Manager for Mac OS X

Disk Order is a dual pane file manager for your Mac.

It is an advanced Finder replacement that comes with built-in FTP/SFTP client, ability to handle archives like plain folders, network browser, iPod/iPhone/iPad browsing plugin and other. It makes file management faster, because you don't have to launch separate applications for FTP, batch renaming files or extracting some data out of rar/zip/gz/tgz archive. Almost all tasks may be performed either with keystrokes or just few mouse clicks. It offers all usual features, such as Get Info, Copy/Move/Delete, View, Edit and so on. Disk Order works great on both Intel and PPC Macs.

Key Features of Disk Order

  • Tabbed interface
  • Copy/Move/Delete/Link operations
  • Built-in Viewer (viewing html, rtf, mov, mp3, jpg, gif, tiff etc.)
  • Built-in Editor
  • Built-in FTP-client (create, upload, download, CHMOD, transfer mode, encodings, viewing files and so on...)
  • Multi-Rename Tool
  • Archives support (tar, gz, tgz, bz, bz2, tbz, zip)
  • Sophisticated Drag'n-Drop
  • Color Marking support
  • System Index Utilizing Search
  • Command Line
  • Plug-in architecture (Terminal window, Burn CDs, Zip, Unzip, Untar etc.)
  • Very usable interface (Eject buttons by volume names and FTP sessions, customizable toolbar, Drives panel)
  • Customizable main menu shortcuts
  • Two file selection modes (Mac native and Norton-Commander-like)
  • Compare Directories, wildcard selection
  • And so more...