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Support and Contact Info

Welcome to our Support Center! If you have problems running Disk Order on your system or if you've found a bug and consider it must be fixed as soon as possible you've come to the right place. We'll be attentively listening to your feedback and working hard to solve your problems.

Also, all suggestions and feature requests are accepted. However, please take your time to look into Disk Order's on-line help before you send a question or message to us. Quite often you'll be able to find answers there.

But if you can't find it in on-line documentation, feel free to email us. But keep in mind that when reporting a problem, you should be informal and descriptive. Take care to write in every detail when and where the problem appears. This will help us to fix it much faster.

In case of bug reports or suggestions, you can write to

As usual, we reply all emails as soon as possible, but don't be upset if you didn't get any response for few days in a row. Perhaps it was weekend when you sent it. Be patient and wait until Monday comes, that's when you're about to receive our message.

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