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Your benefits from using Disk Order

What You get using Disk Order?

You get fast and reliable application that performs file operation properly in Mac OS X environment. You get the application that have advanced features for file operations (built-in file viewer, editor, archives support, FTP client and other...) that allow to reduce the amount of the applications running at the same time. You get well designed, user friendly interface that is constructed in the way that you can manage your files using either mouse or keyboard. And your performance is not likely to suffer regardless the way you use. If you choose, you can even mix them both.

Who should use Disk Order?

I. Laptop owners

Disk Order gives user the ability to eliminate the use of touchpad when managing files. It allows to perform any file operations with keyboard only. This feature makes the work less complicated and faster when using notebook. Sometimes it is really good to select some files on the left panel and copy them to the directory opened on the right panel with just a single key stroke than select files with touchpad in one window and then drag them to another. Of course, dragging works very good but what if the user need to make a huge piece of file work in different folders? Perhaps it may become difficult.

Another good side of keyboard-only work on laptops is file selection. Disk Order has two file selection modes. One of them is specially designed for keyboard. It is so called Norton-Commander-like file selection style which, when used, makes selected files to separate thing from cursor. When selecting files with Norton-Commander-like selection style the selection will change color to red while not selected files will stay black making you clearly understand which files are selected. In this mode your selection never breaks when you press arrow keys without holding Shift, making easy to select any specific files that are not successive in list (You can't do this in Finder.)

Disk Order in action.

* Please don't think that Disk Order is designed to use keyboard only, it supports Drag-n-Drop fully

II. Mac Switchers

If you used to work on PC before you switched to Mac, Disk Order may offer you a considerable piece of benefits. If you're former PC user, chances that you know what is Total Commander (Windows Commander). There's no need to tell you what benefits the application like this may bring into your every day file management. In the very same way Disk Order is developed to give you such benefits on Mac. It's just the same good double-panel file manager where you will be pressing F5 to copy files and F3 to view file's contents.

It is very probably that with Disk Order you won't need to read Mac's online help to start working, because will be able to start it immediately. Also, Disk Order will help you to gradually get accustomed to Mac OS X environment, as it's completely "Macintosh" application, including it's toolbar, main menu, Drag-n-Drop and other Mac-specific details.

III. Users who need to perform a lot of file manipulations (including FTP)

The operation you can perform on file with Disk Order are very different. For example, Disk Order has it's own built-in file previwer where you can view pictures, htmls or even QuickTime movies. It also has built-in FTP client that allows you to connect to many sites at the same time.

The strongest side of Disk Order is that all these different operations work fast and are logically well integrated into the application. For example, when you connect to many FTP servers at the same time, all active FTP sessions are displayed in drives panel (equivalent of Computer window in Finder), imitating that they are mounted to your file system. Built-in archives support makes it very easy to extract files from your archives. Now you don't have to open separate application to get files from an archive, now you can simply enter it like a plain folder and copy the files you need. All this makes the work simple and does not make you to strain you brain on "how do I do this?...". You will do everything the same way you've used to with the one exception that you will surely have less applications opened at the same time.

And about registration...

You can take advantage of the full functionality of Disk Order during 30-day trial period.

If you register your copy of Disk Order, your get full-time support for the product. But even if you're not registered user, you are very welcome to send us your comments and/or suggestions on the application.

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